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In addition to the development of slum communities, federations put in place programmes to improve the livelihoods of these slum populations. These programmes surround the implementation of income generating activities that not only benefit the community and the savings groups funds, but also provides an employment opportunity for community members. Taking into account that many slum populations struggle to find steady work within the city due to their lack of access to transport, education, etc., federations help generate and train community members around certain skills to empower the community and these individuals to build the slum economy.

These programmes have included the creation of construction workshops (which then help build and provide materials for the construction and upgrading of housing structures in the slums), recycling and solid waste management service companies (which not only work to clean up the slums but help generate income for individual participants and the federation), community gardens, etc.  These activities provide multiple advantages, which builds the economy of the general community, builds the capacity of community members and empowers the poorest of the poor by providing them work and useable skills.


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