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The Urban Poor Fund International is a subsidiary of Shack / Slum Dwellers International that provides capital to member national urban poor funds. The Fund is established on the proposition that the poor are central actors in urban development and poverty eradication and are best able to decide and co-manage their own urban improvement programs. Giving the poor direct control of capital enables them to negotiate with formal bodies such as government and banks.

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Water & Sanitation

The provision of adequate sanitation ...

Public Amenities

Defined as resources or facilities ...

Other Infrastructure

In order to better plan ...


As a fundamental right, adequate ...


In addition to the development ...

Land & Tenure Security

Lack of secure land tenure ...

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Featured Projects

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Construction of a community hall with water tanks and running water, in George Compound, Lusaka. 


Incremental housing construction in settlements across Namibia.


Upgrading of water and sanitation facilities in settlements in Dar es Salaam.


Construction of ecosan toilets in houses in Lilongwe.