Our Implementing partners

Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC)

The Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC) is a nucleus for professionals and grassroots activists who think independently yet plan and act collectively. It is the hub of new synergies between development professionals, local project workers and collective action. CORC provides support to two different types of community networks who mobilise themselves around their own resources and capacities. The first are networks of informal settlements that are mobilised around specific issues: land, evictions, ...

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National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda (NSDFU)

NSDFU is a network of community savings groups that practice daily savings, while using their collective strength to improve the lives of urbanites who reside in six of Uganda's growing municipalities - Kampala, Jinja, Mbale, Mbarara, Kabale and Arua. Our slogan, Okwegatta Gemaany! means Our Savings, Our Strength. We believe that our savings groups not only generate unity, but also financial capacity, effective organization and collective efficacy. NSDFU works in partnership with AcTogether Uganda. 

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Philippine Action for Community-led Shelter Initiatives (PACSII) & Homeless People's Federation of the Philippines Inc. (HPFPI)

In 1992, Philippine Action for Community-led Shelter Initiatives, Inc (PACSII)  supported the first community savings groups in an area called Payatas in Manila.  These groups have since encouraged and assisted groups in other parts of the city and country to mobilise around issues of land and housing.  The groups make up the Homeless People’s Federation of the Philippines, Inc (HPFPI), which today incorporates over 85,000 people in 200 communities in ...

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Refresh Bolivia

Refresh Bolivia is an organisation which is dedicated to improving health in Bolivia by increasing access to safe, clean and sustainable drinking water. Refresh Bolivia works in collaboration with Bolivian NGOs and student organizations in Harvard University, McMaster University, University of Toronto and Horace Mann School to gain a better understanding of Cochabamba's needs and provide the necessary aid. They have built latrines, water tanks, water filtration systems and have ...

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