Philippine Action For Community-Led Shelter Initiatives (Pacsii) & Homeless People's Federation Of The Philippines Inc. (Hpfpi)

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Philippine Action for Community-led Shelter Initiatives, Inc (PACSII) grew out of a church based organisation called the Vincentian Missionaries Social Development Foundation, Inc.  In 1992, this organisation supported the first community savings groups in an area called Payatas in Manila.  These groups have since encouraged and assisted groups in other parts of the city and country to mobilise around issues of land and housing.  The groups make up the Homeless People’s Federation of the Philippines, Inc (HPFPI), which today incorporates over 85,000 people in 200 communities in 14 cities and towns throughout the Philippines. PACSII has also set up a network of architects and technical services, the Technical Assistance Movement for People and Environment, Inc. (TAMPEI), which is assisting PACSII in developing its projects

The Phillippines Alliance works with the wider urban poor living in slums across the Phiippines, as well as more vulnerable groups within the urban poor, for example, communities living in high-risk conditions on land susceptible to natural and man-made disasters or those under the threat of eviction. It also partners with local government to provide sustainable housing solutions for the urban poor. 

The Philippine Action for Slum Upgrading Facility (PASUFI) is a revolving loan fund set up by PACSII to support slum dwellers with construction projects in their communities. To ensure the sustainability of the fund and PACSII’s own work throughout the Philippines, PACSII has been working with a Micro Finance Institution to help improve the management of its loans and loan repayment rates. PACSII has set up and trained local community teams who will coordinate CLIFF projects in their areas. This work has helped to bring financial management skills to the community and has instilled a sense of financial discipline by encouraging community members to save for the months prior to receiving their construction loans.


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