Housing Construction at Chamazi II

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Focus Areas: Housing

Funds for this project are given as technical assistance to the Chamazi Housing project. Tile moulds have been purchased using these funds. The Federation have planned, implemented, and managed a community-based housing scheme using affordable materials. 42 houses are now under construction as a result of this assistance. This project has helped improve the Federation’s reputation with government officials, in their ability to construct more houses. This project has also seen the Federation begin to develop relationships with academic institutions to help with design and sustainability. A private sector company donated 300 bags of cement during this project, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Negotiations are underway to secure a loan from Azania Bank. Project activity has called the government’s attention to needs in land allocation and surveying of plots for the urban poor. Challenges for construction in Chamazi include lack of government support (in the form of affordable land and finances), high cost of building materials, loan repayments, and lack of credit from financial institutions.

Location: Chamazi, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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Project information updated: 15 April 2014

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Funds for this project were given to the Tanzanian Alliance of the Homeless Peoples' Federation of Tanzania and Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI) in 2010. The project responded to the need to support the Chamazi Housing project. The Chamazi Housing project activity includes planning and surveying of land; housing design; construction processes; water development; sanitation improvement; and market construction to serve the entire community. 
The Chamazi Housing project has faced sustainability challenges in the form of loan recovery being slower than expected. Funds for this project were given as a grant and thus funds will not be repaid and revolved. The Federation is working on improving sustainability and continues to save.

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Fully funded

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Homeless Peoples' Federation of Tanzania

Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI)