Dar es Salaam Water and Sanitation Project

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Focus Areas: Water & Sanitation

This project saw the upgrading of water and sanitation facilities in Dar es Salaam. Profiling and enumerating of settlements by the Federation showed that water and sanitation is a crucial area to improve. There is also a lack of appropriate sanitation and solid waste collection in the city. The Federation identified the City Mayor and Municipal directors as key actors to assist in upgrading facilities. This collaboration has improved the relationship between the Federation and government. Success in Dar es Salaam lead to municipalities in Dodoma and Arusha recognizing the work done by the Federation hygiene promotion groups and are seen as the best model for use in other settlements. Discussions in these cities are underway between federations and municipalities to obtain land for this. 

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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Project information updated: 20 March 2014

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Since its formation in 2004 the Tanzanian Federation has increased in scale.  Through settlement profiles and enumerations in Dar es Salaam, the Federation identified water and sanitiation as a critical need.  Some water sources are not safe leading to the spread of water bourne diseases.  There is also a lack of adequate and appropriate sanitation and poor solid waste collection in slums in the city.  This motivated the Tanzanian Alliance of the Homeless Peoples' Federation of Tanzania and the Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI) to start the project in 2011.
Members of the Federation are encouraged to save.  The funds generated from the community are used as leverage to ensure capital development for projects, such as the water and sanitation interventions. The Tanzanian Federation has a total of 97 savings groups and have to date managed to save USD 80 000 for daily savings and USD 17 000 for the Jenga Fund, the country's urban poor fund. So far USD 25 000 has been taken as a loan and USD 14 000 repayments have been made.   


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Sigrid Rausing Trust

Homeless Peoples' Federation of Tanzania

Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI)