Incremental Housing Project in Dodoma, Tanzania

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The Dodoma Housing project is the first community based housing scheme in the region. Land was purchased by the Federation in Dodoma, the seat of parliament and regional capital of Tanzania. Construction of 75 incremental houses (construction is contingent on beneficiaries paying for each section built) and 75 housing upgrades are planned. To date, 40 houses are in various stages of construction. As in the Chamazi Housing Project, affordable materials such as interlocking compressed cement soil blocks and sisal fibre roof tiles are used for construction. Throughout this project the Federation enhanced both its skills and capacity to manage the construction process. Community members contributed down payments for land and have been involved in trench digging, pouring cement, and casual labour. The project is managed by the Federation through the Sejeseje housing cooperative. A board of 6 Federation members was formed to coordinate technical teams from Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI), Capital Development Authority (CDA), and the local Municipality. Infrastructure provided in the project includes water connections to the site.  This was done by the Dodoma Urban Water and Sewerage Authority (DUWASA). 

The CDA has expressed the need to learn more about the affordable housing scheme and have visited the Federation in Dodoma. The Ministry of Housing and Lands provided technicians during the planning and design of the project. Both this and the Chamazi housing project have influenced policy change regarding densification and minimization of plot sizes. However, even though relationships between the local and central government and the Alliance (the Federation and CCI) have improved, the central government has not allocated funds for the project. Green Fields projects, such as this, present serious affordability challenges for communities. Thus the Federation is considering in situ housing development (meaning construction would occur in already existing settlements).

Location: Chingombe, Dodoma, Tanzania
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Project information updated: 21 February 2014

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The Dodoma Housing project was initiated in 2010 by the Tanzanian Alliance of the Homeless Peoples' Federation of Tanzania and the Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI).  It responds to poor housing facilities in the Chingombe and Kikuyu areas. The majority of residents in these areas are tenants in squatter houses and lack of tenure security. The landlord tenant relationship is common in informal settlements in Tanzania and needs warrants careful negotiation for service and resource provision. Government regularization to date has only benefitted structure owners, excluding poorer tenants.
Sustainability of this project depends on loan repayment. Beneficiaries have been informed of this obligation during planning. Structures of the Federation and Sejeseje Housing Cooperates ensure there are systems of loan recovery – including follow up mechanisms. Many Federation members now live in Miyuji settlement and they are successfully doing daily savings. Yet challenges faced include difficulty in arranging meetings with fellow group members living in Chingombe settlement. The Dodoma Federation sat on the ward development committee. Through this the Dodoma Municipality promised to allocate funds for 2012/2013 sanitiation provision.  This shows ripple effects of resource discussions and strong relationships between Federation and the local authority. 

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Homeless Peoples' Federation of Tanzania

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