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Focus Areas: Housing

Project activities, which began in 2009, focus on repairing homes affected by flooding as well as developing a community database, disaster mapping and planning. Twenty (20) communities and three hundred and eighty (380) households participated. Beneficairy areas include Quezon City and Muntinlupa City in the National Capital Region (NCR); Bulacan in Region III and Montalban, Rizal in Region IV. 

Location: Quezon, Muntinlupa, Bulacan and Montalban, Philippines


The repair of homes affected by flooding using conventional materials such as hollow concrete blocks and galvanized iron. Loans of up to Php7,000 were extended to the housing repair participants and this is to be repaid within an average term of one (1) year. 

Community capacity:

Community members who participated in the program managed the repair of their homes from the procurement of construction materials, to the collection of repayments on the loan. 


The Federation is not only implementing the Housing Materials Loan (HML) Programme in communities in Quezon City and Muntinlupa City. The programme is also being implemented in other areas such as the municipalities and cities of the province of Bulacan, one of the hardest hit by typhoon Ketsana. Funds for the HML Program in these areas have been revolved successfully, extending the benefit of the program to more disaster-affected communities. 


The Federation's efforts have been recognized in Barangay Bagong Silangan. In February 2012 an Agreement of Cooperation (AoC) has been signed by the Local Governments and Federation. Through the agreement, the HPFPI has been enjoined to “consult with the barangay on decisions and policies” relating to urban poor issues and to continue promoting its “programs in the barangay such as its savings programs, housing and material loan assistance as well as pursuing its agenda regarding urban poor sectors.” The Federation also negotiated with UN-Habitat for transitory housing and packaging housing material loan assistance for disaster victims.

This project, and other such community-managed activities initiated by the Federation, has resulted in the accreditation of the Federation by the Barangay authorities as a legitimate urban poor organization. It has also led to the recognition of the Federation as an important partner in addressing issues affecting the poor.


SDI Contributions:

SDI contributed US$50,000.00

Costs recovered from community:

Loans of up to Php7,000 were extended to the house repair participants and this is to be repaid within an average term of one (1) year. The funds, which have been fully recovered, will be revolved to help more communities needing support of this kind.

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Project information updated: 04 March 2016

Project in depth

Detailed Information

This project sees the Alliance in the Philippines, Philippine Action for Community-led Shelter Initiatives Inc (PACSII) and Homeless People’s Federation Philippines Inc (HPFPI), respond to the need to provide support to victims of Typhoon Ketsana, which hit the Philippines in September 2009. Activity started soon after the typhoon. The Federation conducted site visits in these areas to provide relief support and to identify families that lost their homes through flooding and were in need of immediate assistance to rebuild their homes.


The dispersement of loans to assist community members repair their homes that were damaged by Typhoon Ketsana.

Community capacity:

The intention was to build the community's capacity by ensuring that they spearheaded the disaster relief and recovery process. They were involved in the procurement of construction materials, the repair process as well as the loan repayment process. 


A number of communities have expressed their desire to access the HM Loan so that they too can improve their houses. In light of this and the fact that the Bagong Silangan Network of communities in Barangay Bagong Silangan in Quezon City has been established through the HML Program, one can conclude that this project has the potential to be scaled up to the regional or even national level.


The HML Program has contributed to the increase in the number of savings groups and the creation of a community-wide network of HML participants particularly among the communities of Barangay Bagong Silangan where eight (8) of the total twenty (20) SDI-funded HML communities are located.


SDI Contributions:

Of the US$50,000.00 SDI contributed, US$40,000.00 was disseminated as a Housing Materials Loan. The difference (US$10,000.00) was used to provide relief. 

Costs recovered from community:

The funds for the HML have been revolved, and from the original loan amount of US$40,000 (or Php 1,852,800 in 2009 with conversion rate US$1 = Php 46.35) the total amount loaned out to HML participants to date stands at Php 2,608,258.75 (US$ 62,101.40). This means, the amount of Php 755,453.76 (or US$17,986.99 at conversion rate US$1 = 42) from repayments had already been revolved to benefit more communities under the program.

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Philippine Action for Community-led Shelter Initiatives (PACSII) & Homeless People's Federation of the Philippines Inc. (HPFPI)