Nungua Zongo Communal Water Project

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Focus Areas: Water & Sanitation

This project, which began in 2014, provides water in the Nungua Zongo community of the Ledzorkuku Krowor Municipal Assembly (LEKMA) of Accra through the construction of a large platform and the provision of two extra large polytanks (each with a carrying capacity of 10,000 litres). The project serves the community by increasing their access to potable water, reducing the distances travelled to collect water, and the high cost associated with accessing water. 

Location: Nungua Zongo , Accra, Ghana


The erection of a large platform with water points and the provision of two extra-large poly-tanks which will have a capacity of 10,000 litres each. The platform and water points have been built, and community members are now able to come and purchase clean water from there.The project was officially commissioned by the Municipal Chief Executive in March 2015. 

Community capacity:

The need for a water project was identified through a profiling exercise which also mobilised the community to begin a savings group. The initial location of water point was given by a LEKMA member. This location was rejected by the women because it was not central enough. After several consultations, the women and the Assembly Member agreed and secured the current location for the project. 


The project is local in nature. However, there is great potential for the project to be replicated at both the regional and national levels as the need for potable water is high in informal settlements across Ghana. 


The project serves the community by increasing their access to potable water, reducing the distances travelled to collect water, and the high cost associated with accessing water. 


SDI Contributions:

SDI contributed US$10,240.00

Resources Leveraged:

Land was leveraged from the Ledzorkuku Krowor Municipal Assembly (LEKMA).

State Subsidy:

The State subsidy was in the form of land. The land was provided by the Assembly and community and is valued at GHC 1,000.00 (USD 476).

Market Generated Returns:

None to date. 

Costs recovered from community:

Costs will be recovered from the community through the sale of water. 

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Project information updated: 18 February 2016

Project in depth

Detailed Information

Nungua Zongo is a slum settlement with an estimated population of about eight thousand (8,000) people is located in Nkpor electoral area in Nungua in Ledzorkuku Krowor Municipal Assembly (LEKMA) of Accra. Nungua Zongo community is located close to the Nungua Estate, a high income area. Despite its proximity to the estate, the communityhas very little access to potable water. Approximately 4.2% of households have access to piped water. Calls to the government for support in this area have not improved the situation. Water supplied to the Nungua area is mainly by private water tankers that are unaffordable to slum dwellers. The Ghanaian Alliance of the Ghana Homeless People's Federation (GHAFUP) and People's Dialogue on Human Settlements (PDHS) initiated this community-led water project to increase access to clean water. 


The intention is to build a platform with water points which will be connected to the city's water company, Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) through the GWCL pipelines that are in close proximity to the Nungua Zongo area. Connection to GWCL pipelines is yet to be done. Until then, water will be brought in to fill the tanks once a week as work progresses to complete the connection to the main water network.

Community capacity:

The Nungua Water Project has a Project Management Team (PMT) comprisied of three (3) Federation members with support from PDHS. The PMT is responsible for initiating procurement of all materials and services, recruiting a water vendor from the community and providing overall management, supervision, and oversight of the project.


The engagement between the local authority and the community has led to the development of a relationship between the two parties. This relationship can be strengthened through further engagement after the project is fully commissioned. This partnership has been sealed, so to speak, following the signing of a memorandum of understanding by the Federation and the Assembly.


SDI Contributions:

SDI contributed US$10,240.00. Of this amount, US$1,300.00 went towards project linked technical assistance. 

Resources Leveraged:

Land was leveraged from the local authority. 

Market Generated Returns:

The Nungua Zongo water project will provide water from tanks to the community at an affordable rate of between GHC 0.2-GHC 0.5 per gallon or bucket, depending on the size. It is estimated that, two hundred (200) people will access the facility each day yielding a minimum return of GHC 40.00 per day. Funds from the project will repay the UPFI loan and be used to maintain the facility.

Costs recovered from community:

Water sales have not been up to expectation due to the general improvement in access to water in the Nungua Township resulting from the desalination project - treatment of the sea water making it soft for household consumption. This is likely to affect the rate at which project costs can be recovered.

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Funding Information



Funding type:

Grant funding

Implementing Partners

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Ghana Homeless People's Federation

People's Dialogue on Human Settlements