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Focus Areas: Housing

This project involved the construction of twenty-two (22) houses by Ituyeni and Tukondjeni Savings Groups in the town of Eenhana, the capital of the Ohangwena Region. Construction began in July 2011 and was completed by June 2014. The project was financed using funds revolved from Gobabis.

Location: Eenhana, Gobabis and Windhoek, Namibia


At the time of writing all twenty-two (22) houses have been completed. By applying at the regional level, the Eenhana Town Council was able to secure pit latrines to provide temporary sanitation for residents. The Town Council has now completed servicing the area and all houses can connect to a water-borne sewerage system by completing an application process and paying a fee to the Town Council.

Community capacity:

The beneficiaries in Eenhana were able to improve their capacities though exchanges to Gobabis, which has become an important “learning center” for the Namibian Alliance. On these exchanges the groups from Eenhana were able to learn construction and loan management skills. In addition, officials from the Town Council were able to better understand the possibilities for partnering with organised informal communities around the issue of housing and sanitation provision.


In addition to the plots provided for the twenty-two (22) houses, the Federation in Eenhana was given an additional sixty (60) plots for housing by the Town Council.


Please see “scale” and “community capacity” section above.


SDI Contributions:

SDI capital contribution is US$62,240.

Resources Leveraged:

Authorities provided sand at half the price of local suppliers. This was in addition to the sixty (60) additional plots were also provided by the Town Council.

Market Generated Returns:

None to date.

Costs recovered from community:

Accurate details to be supplied after the next round of reporting (July). 

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Project information updated: 05 August 2015

Project in depth

Detailed Information

The region of Ohangwena is located in the north of Namibia. The main urban settlements, like the regional capital Eenhana, are clustered around the road from the Angolan border to Ondangwa.

When it was conceived this project fit the Namibian Alliance’s strategic objective of being included in the Mass Housing Programme. However, given the very recent  suspension of the Mass Housing programme by the new housing minister due to irregularities (cf. context section for the “Incremental housing across Namibia” project) the project continues to pursue the Alliance's other objectives.


The construction of twenty-two (22) houses for beneficiaries from two savings groups in Eenhana Town, Ondangwa.

Community capacity:

Since capital funds revolved from Gobabis were used for this project it is expected that capacities will be developed through learning exchange visits to Gobabis. These exchanges will focus particularly on improving construction and financial management skills.


It is hoped that the project will create the conditions that will enable it to be scaled beyond twenty-two (22) houses, as the demand in the area is significantly higher. If the Municipality is drawn further into project activities, it may also create the conditions for other groups to access land and apply for loans from the Twahangana Fund to build homes.


Intended impacts include:

  • An improved relationship with the municipality;
  • Accessing land at reduced costs for Federation groups to build more houses;
  • Provision of bulk infrastructure services,and;
  • Increase in Federation membership as project creates awareness.

SDI Contributions:

SDI will contribute US$62,240 to the project.

Resources Leveraged:

It is hoped that the Town Council will provide some reductions in building material costs and waiver certain technical fees. If the project is succsessful there is also the possibilityof accessing more land for Federation members. 

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Funding Information



Implementing Partners

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Shack Dweller's Federation of Namibia (SDFN)

Namibia Housing Action Group (NHAG)