Plot Allocation for Housing in Nairobi

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Focus Areas: Land & Tenure Security

This project involves the regularization of land tenure in Timau. Plot allocation will be subsequently followed by housing development in Nairobi. Data collected through community enumerations identified beneficiaries. This was a deviation from conventional land regularization processes which do not  use community generated data. Enumerations identified three hundred and forty (340) of the poorest squatter households as direct beneficiaries of land. To date only two hundred and forty (240) households have formally received their plots. The one thousand four hundred and eighty-five (1485) plots are thirty metres squared (30m2,totaling 44 520m2) have been leveraged and formally allocated to slum dwellers. Loans for surveys and land registration were provided through Federation saving groups with loan facilities accessible by all community members regardless of Federation membership.  All levels of government (provincial administration, city, and central) have been engaged to gain support for the project.  A city master plan was developed and it identifies land that could be used for re-settlement purposes. The project has the potential for replication with the towns of Thika, Kilifi and Nakuru modeling their land regularization processes around Timau’s. 

Location: Katani, Nairobi, Kenya


The subdivision of the land in Timau, which is followed by the handover of the plots to their respective new owners. 


This project has the potential to be scaled up to settlement level. This will be realised through the housing project.

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Project information updated: 20 October 2015

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Timau is mostly populated by people who work on large farms surrounding the town. The population stands at roughly six thousand four hundred (6400) people. Many of the residents have been resettled in Timau by the Government whilst the rest live informally in slums in the town.  Muungano Support Trust (MuST) enumerated the town, establishing six (6) slums with a total population of one thousand four hundred and eighty five (1,485) within Timau’s boundaries. With the threat of forced evictions, slum dwellers formed savings schemes and embarked on a ten year campaign for secure land tenure. The Ministry of Lands and the Town council agreed to settle the slum dwellers in 2008.  The Kenyan Alliance of MuST and Akiba Mashinani Trust (AMT) developed a plan for Timau in this regard. It included the provision of one thousand four hundred and eighty-five (1,485) parcels of land, each being thirty metres squared (30m2), valued at US$2,500 each. Land was allocated free to households yet a survey and land registration fee of US$106 was required per plot. Three hundred and forty-four (344) households were unable to raise this money, which is when the support from the UPFI, Kenya’s national urban poor fund was drawn to provide loans.


This project is replicable in other small urban centres.  


SDI Contributions:

SDI contributed US$30,000.

Costs recovered from community:

To date twenty percent (20%) of the loan amount has been saved. Savings groups have had consistent engagement with municipality and central government. 

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Fully funded

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Muungano wa Wanavijiji

Akiba Mashinani Trust